Châtelet Courtyard
Saint Bénezet Bridge

Reception room


Space for gala evenings, cocktail parties, dinners and special events for 200 persons.

Space can be privatized for evening events.


This Courtyard is located behind the Pont d’Avignon, by the ramparts and at the base of the bedrock that forms part of the northern wall of the former Archbishops’ Palace. The buildings around the Châtelet courtyard  remind us that the Avignon Bridge was once part of a series of buildings which housed travellers, pilgrims and tradesmen.



A major vestige of the history of Avignon, the Pont d'Avignon (or "Pont Saint Bénezet") is known the world over due to the beloved children’s song. The bridge was built in the 12th century and was often damaged during floods on the Rhône river. Though often repaired over the years, the bridge was left in its current state in the 17th century.


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