Benedict XII cellier

Meeting rooms

Plenary session : 259 persons + 11 on the podium.

Armchairs with writing tablets.



The room was once an immense cellar, dug into the rock in 1337, which ran underneath the entire length of the Conclave wing. A single door in the cloister gallery led to this cellar.

The Grand Cellier did not have a vaulted ceiling, it had a frame ceiling and the main beams rested on columns.

 CHaracteristics :

  • 170 sqm
  • Technical features: 1 fixed 2.70m X 6.94m screen, HD video-projection, video recording, recording of debates.
  • Sound: HF room, podium & lectern mikes.
  • Stage lighting.
  • Internet, WIFI.
  • Simultaneous translation: 2 booths
  • Cellier Benoit XII. 259 pax - 230m2

    Cellier Benoit XII. 259 pax - 230m2