Meeting rooms

Coffee breaks, receptions: 250 persons

Plenary and committee meetings: 200 persons.

Direct access to the Benedict XII Cloister.

Built in 1337-1338, this floor of the Conclave wing has now been restored as one long room with modular, removable walls. In the Middle Ages this room was divided into six rooms with wooden ceilings. It was reserved for the workers in the Bouteillerie and in the Paneterie which served as the commissary and food supply for the pontifical court. It served more than 300 meals a day and distributed bread and wine to 800 poor persons.


  • 350 m²
  • 350 m²
  • Removable walls make the Paneterie highly modulable: 200 persons in plenary style, 2X100 or 4X50 persons in committee room style.
  • Technical features: HD video projection, mobile screens, video recording, recording of debate. HF mikes. Lighting. Internet, WIFI. Simultaneous translation possible
  • Paneterie. 250 pax - 350m2

    Paneterie. 250 pax - 350m2