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Free hotel management


The Meeting and Convention Centre offers meeting organisers a free “Hotel Reservation Service” to ensure the best accommodations in the best conditions for your meeting.




Amandine SOULIER

T.+33(0)4 90 27 50 57




  • OPTIONS in the hotels with option deadline. We send you a table with a breakdown of the selected hotels, prices and locations,
  • CONFIRMATION and FOLLOW-THROUGH on the options in the hotels, Preparation of the REGISTRATION FORM, in conjunction with the client,
  • ON-LINE INTEGRATION of the registration form on Internet if the client so desires (Web site or URL address), or hard copy paper version,
  • RECEPTION OF THE FORMS from each meeting-goer and of the deposits (deposit is required to confirm reservation),
  • ASSIGNMENT OF MEETING-GOERS in the hotels in compliance with their requests or client criteria,
  • CONFIRMATION E-MAIL sent to each meeting-goer stating hotel assignment + map with hotel location,
  • LIST OF NAMES GIVEN to each hotel with the payment of the corresponding hotel deposits,
  • Preparation of the LISTINGS for the MEETING ORGANISERS (with participants’ contact information and hotel assignment) 
  • We work together to create your tailor-made event

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